We identify the data that will be of use to you. We can do that.


Having weather data is one thing. Having the right data is another. Being able to interpret the right data and adapt it to your business reality is yet another thing. We can do that.


Our rigorous weather forecasts grant business, agriculture or patients the power to act according to the data available.


Roads & Winter Viability

MeteoRoute for municipalities is a collaborative development between MeteoGlobale and Previmeteo. A platform which presents accurate and timely weather forecasts for road management, including road surface forecasts.

Weather dictates road conditions year-round, but it’s in winter when public and private organizations are called upon to remove snow and lay abrasives to keep roads safe. How precisely do you rely on the weather to manage workforces and vehicles?

  • Closures and impassable routes
  • Snow removal and de-icing costs
  • Workforce scheduling
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road routes viabilité hivernale winter viability

Outdoor filming & events

Blisly offers an index that allows patients to adapt their daily life and thus live better.

Bad weather conditions affect your costs directly:

  • Paying people to wait around for the right conditions.
  • Rental of equipment and location when conditions render them useless.
  • Insurance.
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Weather Support - Servicing Farmers

Efficiently manage seeding, pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Over usage of pesticides on cultures.
  • Governmental obligation to decrease quantities used by 20% by 2020.
  • Maintain current crop yields.
  • Save on excessively expensive products.
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Workforce management

Adapting your workforce management to weather conditions.
  • Workforce & personnel management in relation to the weather.
  • Taking the necessary precautions relative to major meteorological events.
  • Weather today is complex and weather data is overabundant. Most businesses don’t know which is relevant to them, when and how.
  • Your business is weather sensitive? What can you do about it?
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Weather affects construction

Adapting your workplace security to weather conditions.
  • Workforce security management in relation to the weather.
  • Task planning relative to the coming weather.
  • Taking the necessary precautions relative to major meteorological events.
  • Weather affects your costs and can create cost overruns.
  • What are you doing about it?
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Dynamic marketing management

Adapting your marketing promotions and sales to weather conditions.
  • Weather-sensitivity study of your company, products & services.
  • Analysis by market and product cluster over 2 to 6 years.
  • Identification of weather factors that affect your activity.
  • Establishing the rules that will allow you to better manage daily promotions in the medium and long-term.
  • Dashboard with only the data relevant to your needs, already analyzed.
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