Author: Jean-Charles Beaubois

MeteoGlobale PreviMeteo & Campbell Scientific partners for success

After first partnering with Previmeteo, MeteoGlobale now partners with Campbell Scientific. Campbell Scientific is in fact the world leader in environmental measurement equipment. More specifically, their weather stations for roads are particularly well reputed.
Why the partnership?
Thanks to this new partnership, these three companies specialized in meteorological information combine

Global Warming leads to long-term consequences like rising sea levels.
An increase in temperature leads to warmer sea and ocean temperature. Warmer water takes more room. This expansion is responsible for 25% of the level increase in all seas and oceans.
The changes in water masses are also due to

record breaking summer

The summer of 2018 is slowly coming to an end. A record-breaking summer that we can call outstanding on the whole of the northern hemisphere. Warmer and less rain.
In Quebec, it is certainly an abnormal summer. Here are some pretty interesting numbers. There were 11 days above 30 degrees

Earth and its atmosphere send off as much energy as it gets from the sun. But the equilibrium is fragile.
Today, excessive emissions of greenhouse gasses are disturbing the system’s equilibrium. Human activity is responsible for this disequilibrium. Forests and oceans can no longer absorb this surplus. Carbonic gas is