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2019 winter viability excellence awards

Last June 19, the AQTR awarded its 2019 excellence awards in the various fields related to the sector. A beautiful evening held in Montreal on the Quai Jacques Cartier. The AQTR is the Quebec Public Works Association.

MétoGlobal honored!

Prix ExcellenceMeteoGlobale, selected in the Winter Viability category for its Météo-Routes platform, has been awarded this prestigious award for excellence in this innovation of assistance to the decision for municipalities and other professionals of the road. If the platform is developed primarily for the winter season, we also offer a service for other seasons. This service allows for better planning for road repairs and ground marking. It is also better management of external events.

Challenges for the century to come!

This platform will allow in the short term a significant reduction in the costs related to the winter. Less salt on the roads, better management of staff and obviously also a reduction in costs will allow cities to make substantial savings. This is the first goal. The second is also a decrease in releases to the nature of products necessary for safety, but harmful for our environment.

viabilité hivernaleMeteo-Routes is of public utility!

Road & Winter Viability is unique in Quebec and Canada because this platform manages the whole data necessary for informed decision-making from measurement (weather station) to spreading recommendations. One secure site Thousands of relevant information. Météo-Routes is also a team of meteorologists who monitor and work closely with its customers.

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