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25% of adults have non-food allergies

non-food allergies

What a figure for people with a simple hay fever. Non-food allergies include predominately hay fever and it is a common phenomenon that occurs mostly in the spring and summer. It results in a runny nose, red eyes, and in worst cases, more frequent and serious asthma attacks.

Why such a reaction of our body?

In the face of pollen, some people’s body triggers an abnormal reaction. Pollens are usually safe substances, yet the immune system reacts as if the pollen is very harmful. It is as if the body was under attack by a powerful virus. This is when it releases large amounts of a chemical called histamine. Then, itching, inflammation, and irritation of the affected tissue develop rapidly.

So we know the mechanism, but to date, nobody explains why the body of a hay fever allergic reacts so violently. As the mercury rises, grasses, shrubs, trees and other plants all grow at the same time. This is why pollen concentrations are at their peak in spring and early summer.

Hay fever often develops during adolescence and can last into adulthood. Over time, the crises will be weaker. Some doctors advocate vaccination. Vaccination is very effective because today it is easy to accurately determine the precise pollen that triggers the allergy. Yet, other doctors do not recommend vaccination because it could trigger asthma after 45 years of age.

Should we take drugs that often make you drowsy and avoid the drawbacks of hay fever? The answer is a definite yes, but not every single day.

Blisly and non-food allergies

If you look at the Allergy Index, in the BLISLY app, you could decrease drug use by 30%. Think about it…

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