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A blizzard can affect your chronic diseases’ symptoms!

blizzard effect on health

Can a blizzard affect your health? The answer is not necessarily obvious. Thanks to technology implemented by MeteoGlobale, it is now possible to have the beginning of an answer to this question.

Yes, the blizzard can affect your health!

Indeed, it is not so much the blizzard that will be a problem for some patients, but rather the wind. The wind causes an exacerbation of symptoms in cardiac patients. As soon as winds are greater than 40 km / h on average, with gusts above 60 km / h, the wind will be considered moderate to strong enough. It will then influence weather-sensitive people.

BLISLY‘s algorithms are recalculated every hour. They can thus bring greater precision to the user. It should be noted that it is important many affected people use this application. If the user fills in his diary regularly, this valuable information will constitute an exceptional basis for work to accomplish phase two. Phase 2 of Blisly will personalize the index. Greater accuracy for simple and effective information.

By the way, what is a blizzard? Find the answer below in this short video.

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