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Campbell Scientific, Previmeteo & MeteoGlobale, partners for success

MeteoGlobale PreviMeteo & Campbell Scientific partners for success

Campbell ScientificAfter first partnering with Previmeteo, MeteoGlobale now partners with Campbell Scientific. Campbell Scientific is in fact the world leader in environmental measurement equipment. More specifically, their weather stations for roads are particularly well reputed.

Why the partnership?

Thanks to this new partnership, these three companies specialized in meteorological information combine their complementary strengths to offer a new high value-added service. The services offered take on a new dimension.

Weather-routes by MeteoGlobale is the only service that offers the complete chain: measurement taking, data analysis and providing relevant insights for better decision-making.

Weather-routes by MeteoGlobale will

  • Optimize your resources and means by integrating the weather into your decisions and actions
  • Organize and target your dispersion of materials thanks to the cartographic view of the risk analysis of your road network and/or circuits
  • Guarantee the safety of people and property through weather risk analysis
  • Anticipate weather hazards thanks to detailed 5-day forecasts
  • Track time with radar, satellite, and observations
  • Set your alert thresholds
  • Customize your dashboard
  • A mobile version (tablet and smartphone)

Finally, this is the number one service for your coming winter. Whether you are a municipality or a private snow removal contractor, this is the only service that will save you money, maximizing your decisions for 5-star security.

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