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Climate change at the heart of the banking world’s concerns

climate change

Climate change is important, but it’s not new. At each climate summit, the planet seems to wake up on the subject for a dozen days only to go back to sleep afterwards. However, things are slowly changing. In Europe, companies are already open to integrating a climate change factor in the management of their sales structure.

Banking sector

This time it is the banking sector that seems to be interested in a body set up by the UN.

The banking sector is in reflection:

If we want a sustainable financial sector, we need to bring environmental factors back to the heart of the decision-making process rather than the periphery, where they are at the moment. Eric Usher, Director of UNEP FI

Virtually every economic sector will have to find solutions for the future. Because the most important thing, today isn’t so much to fight climate change. It’s to adapt to it to maintain a viable activity. It is the challenge for a large number of companies. Big and small. Regardless, the climate change factor becomes a factor of influence such as the price of oil and raw materials.

In the case of banks, as John Colas, VP at Oliver Wyman says, helping this sector develop an assessment and reporting methodology for these risks, we will enable companies to improve the overall management of risk and risk make more strategic capital allocation decisions. Integrating risk factors associated with climate change into existing structures will provide useful measures for sustainability,” from an interview in Finance and Investment.


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