Decode Interpret Forecast Personalize


Today, there exists a massive quantity of different weather data available on the market.

This quantity doesn’t all poses the same value (quality of forecasting) and is not of interest to all businesses.

We believe that too much information numbs you to it.

We select which data to decode and make it useful for you.


Having weather data is one thing. Having the right data is another. Being able to interpret the right data and adapt it to your business reality is yet another thing. We can do that.

Our work method uses multiple sources of weather data as well as several algorithms and three forecasting models. These allow us to analyze the data in-depth and properly interpret it as it is of use to you.


We thus make these forecasts according to established rules.

This rigorous weather forecast grants business, agriculture, or patients the power to act according to the data available.


Weather forecasts are then personalized according to your business needs.

This is an important time saver for the end-user.

He or she receives the precise information needed, already interpreted. No need to stop and take time to understand. Simplified and comprehensible information is optimal for business use.