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Florence illustrates climatic migration

climatic migration

Phenomena such as Florence constitute a new source of large-scale population mobility, climatic migration. According to the UN, 1 billion people have already moved because of weather. This, either inside their country or beyond their borders.

Climatic migration

Obviously, the increased mobility of the population has its origin in many reasons. The lack of resource work, or security, poverty, and in recent years, the deterioration of the environment.

For all these reasons, we must add the pressure of the population, always more numerous and therefore always greedier in terms of resource consumption. And that, few talk about it, today, beyond a reduction or a new form of consumption, it is the number of human beings on earth that we will have to think about regulating.

Climate change

Climate change is redrawing the map of areas where people can live. Food supplies, in water, are disrupted by devastating phenomena. Water stress in Africa repeated storms and floods in the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico. All these abnormal phenomena over time become the norm. And that’s where the foundations of climate change lie.

We must adapt

So, we must adapt, known song, and it’s underway. According to the UN, major progress has been made since the 1970s. Better constructions to withstand hurricanes, better weather forecasts to anticipate disasters and even the development of a global contract for safer migration that comes from begin in February 2018.

Adaptation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and birth control must be the new winning trio to try to limit global warming.

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