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Global warming : No more than 1.5 ° this year!

global warming température sur terre
Many organizations have recently stated global warming should not exceed 1.5° this year.
However, many scientists predict that we are heading towards a 2° rise in global temperature per year. You may think, that a 0.5° rise isn’t dramatic, but think again.
For the most vulnerable countries like those in Africa, a 0.5° can change the game and become dramatic. This past October 2017, despite major efforts, will be the hottest October in recorded history. This observation holds true for Canada and much of Europe.


It seems that we no longer have the choice. We need to adapt our way of life and anticipate extreme weather phenomena. To manage them seems inevitable.
But there is one thing that seems to often go under the media’s radar as well as that of environmental organizations. It is the ever-exponential increase in the Earth’s population. There is much awareness to be done on this point, but that’s another story.


To understand well, to act well, it is a little bit our objective at MeteoGlobale. So today, we are talking about a phenomenon that has an indisputable impact on global warming.
It also has a significant impact on your health. Asthma and heart conditions can be influenced by the greenhouse effect. And as it is impossible to suppress this phenomenon for the coming years, Blisly allows people with asthma and a heart condition to better manage the daily lives.

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