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Northern hemisphere heatwave, the worst in 30 years


Summer is hot this year, it’s a literal heatwave. We are having an unusual July for two reasons, temperatures are above normal. This anomaly is valid for the entire northern hemisphere.

Record temperatures were recorded in much of the world this week. And it’s not over, temperatures will remain well above normal for the coming week. And it’s valid for a significant part of Europe and the North American continent.

Significant effects

Algeria has experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded in Africa. Great Britain has had its third-longest heat wave in history. For example, the roof of the Glasgow Science Center with a tar membrane has liquefied due to the heat. It spread as a sticky, black liquid inside the building.

Forest fires

These are not the most marked effect of these successive heat waves. Forest fires are spreading everywhere. In western Canada, after a particularly active thunderstorm front (200,000 lightning strikes in a few hours), southern Alberta burned as the height of the drought. In Europe, Ukraine suffers large-scale forest fires. Norway and Sweden are also battling their own forest fires.

La Niña

Finally, you should be aware that we’ve entered under the influence of La Niña.

This major weather phenomenon has the effect of bringing colder air normally. However, this is not the case now. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), current high temperatures are at odds with La Niña.

This month of July will surprise us to the end…

For North America, temperatures will return closer to normal in the coming weeks. Rain is also expected, but quantities will remain low. The standard is 80 mm for the month.

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