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Pollen season = medication?

pollen season

Does pollen season = medication for you? No, the pollen season should not automatically mean taking medication or sneezing for hours on end. If you are allergic to pollen, beech wood, birch, or any other types, you know your eyes will cry for hours.

Pollen season = Medication?” was first published on on April 9th.

pollen seasonSpring allergies

We know, and we understand. Several people in the MeteoGlobale team are allergic. That’s why we have worked particularly hard on our Allergy index. This allows two of us, myself included, to reduce medication consumption by 30% during the summer, without enduring red eyes or a runny nose.


Did you know that some plants and trees can interrupt their pollination because weather conditions are not favorable? It will keep its pollen for several days and then release it all at once when conditions are good.

The consequences for allergic people which we are, are without mercy, as you well know.

indice pollen index

Free Blisly App

Thanks to the BLISLY App, you can consult your allergy index whenever you like, or feel the need to. If it is green, you can leave your medicine at home.

This application absolutely free. You should consider filling in your journal in the App. At the end of a complete season, we will be able to offer you a personalized index, based on your own experience. You no doubt know other allergic people who react differently than you do. That’s why we wish to make our algorithm better by personalizing it.

Discover our free BLISLY app. It can change your life. Your health is important to us.

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