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Festival weather forecasting

météo dans un festival

What does a meteorologist in Osheaga do exactly? Festival weather forecasting

We are at Osheaga to monitor the weather conditions so the festival takes place in the best conditions. It is certain that for a festival, the stress is much greater.

For meteorologists, it makes us “trip” because we monitor the situation closely. We also know that what we are going to say to management is important because they will have to make a decision. So it’s a huge stress. I won’t hide it, it’s a huge stress.

My mandate is to monitor weather conditions that could disrupt the smooth running of the festival. The winds, the temperatures too high, too high. There is also rain which, if it’s too heavy, can trigger a crowd movement, even if it is not dangerous.

This is the first year that we added air quality to the range of services we provide because the forest fires are here and are degrading this quality quite significantly this year.

This is really the difference compared to a service that could be remote. It also allows us to make much tighter decisions.

It happened to me at the FEQ to make a decision simply because I went out. I saw the sky and I said to myself: “Oh ok, the storms, they’re 45 kilometers away at the moment, but that’s not good. It’s going to hit here a lot faster!”.And so we shortened everything by fifteen minutes and it happened like this. And if I wasn’t there, I couldn’t see it.

An area of ​​rain coming, well today, I can tell you, I can give it to you within two minutes. It’s going to rain now and in fifteen minutes it will stop. That’s easy. Today, we have the tools that allow us to do that, et cetera.

These are the four particular characteristics obviously, which are… and the particular phenomena. And if they are particular, they are often dangerous. And therefore, it is these phenomena that we must try to analyze in the most precise way.

So by being here at the festival, therefore on the island and in Jean-Drapeau Park, we treat Jean-Drapeau Park as an ecosystem and we particularly monitor the area. This is the data acquisition center from the sensors that are all around us, obviously outside. Here, what I am installing is a sensor that makes it possible to determine the temperature conditions felt.

Jean-Charles Beaubois, president of MeteoGlobale is interviewed by Urbania, this August 30, 2023,  Météo: traquer les orages pour les festivals.

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