Weather support FOr agriculture

Weather forecasting servicing farmers.

Acknowledging that farming is a weather-sensitive industry is obvious. Indeed, unusual climate variations affect your crops, which in turn will affect your costs in manpower and energy.

Further, there is every greater concern regarding the environment and our impact on it.

Innovative solutions

MeteoGlobale proposes innovative solutions that integrate all of these issues.

The solution is arrived at through various methods such as precise and targeted weather forecasting as well as tools helping you decide when and where to use various products which can lead to 20 % less pesticide or fertilizer use.

  • We can access your weather stations
  • We access local weather stations
  • We can install new meteorological stations with our partner MeteoGlobale Tech.

Climate change

Climate changes are forcing today’s farmers to take much more seriously the weather into account in his planning. This includes seasonal variations and extreme spontaneous variations which need to be addressed when known.

Frost, fungal diseases (gray rot), and excess water at harvest time are all factors that can modify the quality of your crops.

MeteoGlobale can accompany winemakers fruit and vegetable growers in this process.

Fertilizer, pesticide & other spreading

With our platform and prescription algorithm, quickly know when to spread what depending on the recent and coming weather conditions necessary per material used. And this, all depending on your type of soil and type of crop.

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