Weather affects your activity on several levels including shift planning and site security. Does it factor in your current planning?

Your workforce’s security is affected by the weather but you don’t know how to capitalize on it with advanced knowledge? Weather affects the clear majority of businesses in their human resources and workforce management.

It isn’t possible to change the weather, but you can adapt your activity to it to minimize, or maximize its impact, be it cost-wise, or revenue-wise.

Whether it’s to monitor punctual events, or the weather during an event, for a few days, months, or years, MeteoGlobale has a solution adapted to your management and profitability objectives.


The site is stopped due to sudden weather conditions, improper conditions to pour concrete, wind effect on scaffolding, machinery immobilization, workforce halted in the meantime, additional costs, delay penalties.

EXTERIOR Workplaces

It isn’t only construction that operates outdoors, sometimes in dangerous weather conditions. Whether it’s an open-air mining operation, a port or any other, wind and isolated rain can affect your workplace security.


Install a temporary weather station on your work site for the duration of your project. This allows for precise local observations and writing a weather event report at the end of the project for your various needs (stakeholders, insurance, and clients).

We install and make the data available to you in real-time. We’ll recuperate it when your project is complete.


To optimize your resources and limit delays, precise and local weather forecasts are necessary.

We offer you those expert forecasts made by professional meteorologists many times daily, for the next several days.

In some cases, specific and dedicated phone assistance is available. Good forecasts allow you to complete your project faster. 


It is sometimes impossible to work against mother nature. Your worksite can incur delays. We supply you with specific & local weather event reports to justify those delays, and sometimes also avoid costly penalties.

This tool is made to help in your ongoing projects, and further reassure all stakeholders.

OUR clients



MeteoGlobale’s control and forecasting system take into consideration traditional weather factors that can influence your company’s activities.

These measures are used to identify those factors that directly impact your activities to construct a weather index unique to you. This index can tell you very quickly what you need to know as is relevant to your activity saving you precious time while providing valuable insight.


  • Analysis of weather impact on your workplace security.
  • Determine which weather elements have the highest, and most direct, impact on your activity.
  • Offer timely and personalized weather forecasting targeted to your activity.4


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