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Are your shoots or outdoor events affected by the weather? Obviously, they are!

The weather affects your outdoor activities, both where your teams and your equipment are concerned. How can you better predict this?

Bad conditions directly affect your costs:

  • Paying people to wait around for the right conditions.
  • Rental of equipment and location when conditions render them useless.
  • Insurance.
  • Installations that don’t consider the wind’s direction can cause stability problems.
  • Some weather conditions can degrade materials exposed to them.
  • Security of your workers, colleagues, and the general public.


  • 95% accurate hyper-local hourly weather forecasts up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Regional and local forecasts.
  • Updated several times a day, as needed.

Real-time telephone support for decision-making assistance during your film shoot or event.

The possibility of an on-site meteorologist (extra charge).

EXTeRIoR Film SHoot: Benefits

Imagine this, on the day of the shooting, rain is announced. You need three hours of dry weather.

  • We’ll guide you to find those three hours
  • Avoid postponement and/or cost overruns.

You’re planning a multi-day outdoor shoot, and you need the sunniest days?

  • We’ll help you identify the best days.
  • Rent your equipment, reserve your location, and required staff on the right day(s).
  • No need to book extra “just in case” days.

Good forecasts allow you to reduce cost overruns and better plan your time..

EXTeRIoR Events: Benefits

Even light rain and wind can spoil a show, unless you have access to our forecasts, allowing you to orient your podium accordingly.

  • With access to MeteoGlobale’s accurate and local weather forecasts, orient your podium and stage based on wind direction.
  • Adjust where you’ll launch fireworks, or where people can see them from.
  • You’ll know if you need to install additional tents to protect assistants, or not, as well as plan for walls on these tents or not – all depending on the conditions.
  • Adapt your multi-day programming based on how the weather will play out – in advance.

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