dynamic marketing with weather analytics and forecasting

Weather affects your marketing and your sales, do you take into account?

Your marketing and sales are affected by the weather but you don’t know precisely how? Weather can affect sales volume at the individual product level, by market, did you know?

It isn’t possible to change the weather, but you can adapt your activity to it to minimize, or maximize its impact, be it cost-wise, or revenue-wise.

Whether it’s to monitor punctual events, or the weather during an event, for a few days, months, or years, MeteoGlobale has a solution adapted to your management and profitability objectives.

Business Sectors served:

  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • E-commerce
  • Sales planning


A drop in attendance can be due to evolving weather conditions.

Flooding risks due to rain or river overflow, spring melt which can affect river navigation,  extended periods of extreme heat, or severe wind, are all factors that can directly affect your attendance/clients and overall sales.


Allow for adapting punctual promotions by market, taking advantage of how the weather impacts your sales.


Loss of revenue, of margin, missing out on opportunities the weather presents, inadequate stock keeping, point of sale accessibility issues, punctual promotions.

These are all factors affected by specific and forecastable meteorological conditions. For example, a specific product’s sales could be directly affected by the temperature, sunshine, rain, or atmospheric pressure.

Sales PLANning

Averaged weather forecasts applied to your sales forecast on the medium and long-term


  • Analysis over several years of sales data, by product category and geographic market, with actual weather data.
  • Collaboration with your team to match up significant ups & downs with your marketing efforts, to properly identify unbiased meteorological effects.
  • Creation of rules by product/market with actual conditions that trigger sales.
  • Présentation dans un tableau de bord conviviale des recommandations de produits à mettre de l’avant où et quand (et pourquoi).
  • Enfin, à vous de juger et décider quelle promotion véhiculer où, quand et à quelle hauteur.

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MeteoGlobale’s control and forecasting system take into consideration traditional weather factors that can influence your company’s activities.

These measures are used to identify those factors that directly impact your activities to construct a weather index unique to you.

This index can tell you very quickly what you need to know as is relevant to your activity saving you precious time while providing valuable insight.


  • Analysis of weather impact on your sales and marketing by market and product clusters.
  • Determine which weather elements have the highest, and most direct, impact on your sales, by market and product clusters.
  • Offer timely and personalized weather forecasting targeted to your marketing, be it short, medium, or long-term.


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