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Weather dictates road conditions year-round, but it’s in winter when public and private organizations are called upon to remove snow and lay abrasives to keep roads safe.

How precisely do you rely on the weather to manage workforces and vehicles? How precise is the weather forecasting you rely on? And, how useful is that information?

With Meteo-Routes, our Road Weather Information System (RWIS), spending winter with snow and ice, and better weather forecasting is possible.

This service is for municipalities and private snow removal operators. MeteoGlobale has developed an RWIS platform that presents accurate and timely weather forecasts with forecasted deicing & spreading recommendations for better road management.


  • Anticipate weather risks on your road network.
  • Identify primary and secondary roads.
  • Manage individual geographical zones.


  • Observe satellite animations.
  • Track your vehicles’ position by GPS.
  • Access your traffic cameras on our platform.


Benefit from 7-day forecasts, curated by MeteoGlobale’s team of experienced meteorologists, 24/7.

Just imagine, atmospheric and road surface temperature forecasts that are consistently 95% accurate up to 48-hours in advance.

  • Hourly forecasts for the next 48 hours
    • including road surface temperature
  • By 3-hours block for the next 5 days
  • Daily forecasts presented in 4-hour blocks for the next 5 days
    • with a confidence index (1 to 5 scale)
    • mixed-use of pictograms and data, color-coded (blue = min, red = max).
  • Daily forecasts presented in 24-hour blocks for the following 4 days


Stay informed of evolving situations by email or TEXT.


  • Visualize your road network by “zone” or “sub-network”
  • Obtain hyper-local weather forecasts for each of your zones, individually.
  • Find deicing and spreading prescriptions automatically generated for the next 8 hours:
    • Road segment by road segment, hour by hour, in accordance with your spreading chart, your specific products used, and our custom algorithm of over 2000 recipes.
  • Gain access to archival meteorological data by station, by dates, to answer citizen claims or other reasons.
  • Reduce costs by using less deicing material when following our accurate weather forecasted prescriptions.
  • Share access with all stakeholders: public works, fire station, police, even parks & recreation for summer months…


Obtain a prescription of the type of deicing product/mix to favor based on evolving meteorological conditions, road segment by road segment, hour by hour for the coming 8 hours.

  • Visualize which weather phenomena will affect which road segment and when: road surface temperature, rain, sleet, snow, black ice, wet snow, and 8 other clear and precise qualifying indicators.
  • All graded on a color-coded scale which you can control, hourly for the coming 5 days.

Why does our RWIS include deicing prescriptions?

  1. Because logically, road intervention decisions must be made with actual road meteorological elements (such as road surface temperature), not atmospheric ones.
  2. Our algorithm considers many weather factors before recommending which deicing or spreading solution to favor when. They are updated automatically.
  3. Our recommendations allow you to optimize resources and means without compromising security.
  • Meet stake-holders needs
  • Adapt human and technical resources
  • Better & clearer communication
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Decrease the ecological footprint of winter viability

To achieve winter viability forecasts, you need a model that has a significant history. Ours has 10 years of historical North-American and European data.

Our 48-hour forecasts were evaluated independently between October 15, 2015, and April 15, 2016, and achieved 95.4% accuracy. This evaluation is repeated annually with similar performance.

Trust us this winter.

Our road-weather clients



MeteoGlobale’s control and forecasting system take into consideration traditional weather factors that can influence your organization’s activities.

These measures are used to identify those factors that directly impact your activities to construct a weather index unique to you. This index can tell you very quickly what you need to know such as what time to start snow removal in which area. This can cut down on operating costs through better planning.

Further, we can also indicate which short stretches of highway require deicing versus not, avoiding the waste of valuable abrasives.


  • Analysis of weather impact on your activities.
  • Determine which specific weather elements have the highest, and most direct, impact on your activity.
  • Offer timely and personalized weather forecasting targeted to your activity.


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