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Storms follow each other causing much damage


Business impact of storms

Storms stumble over one another across all continents provoking power outages, flooding and property damage.

Winter 2018 is off to a big start and doesn’t show signs of letting up anytime soon. Construction sites are on hold. Transportation is more difficult due to extreme cold and road conditions. Sales are down due to immobilised stocks…

You should ask yourself two questions: What losses is my business suffering due to these storms? As well, did we anticipate these storms?

If the answer is no, or only a partial yes, there exists today better tools to better inform your business on specific weather conditions that affect your activities, and better prepare you to face these events.

A Solution

MeteoGlobale addresses these types of problems by offering solutions and accompanying you in your decision-making process. You can then elaborate smarter strategies so that when the next storm hits, it will no longer be a cause for the loss.

Contact us and together let’s anticipate the next extreme weather events.

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