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The heat is on, again and again

the heat is on

The heat continues again and again. Over 30 ° in Eastern Canada, 35 ° in France, the same in Belgium. What can you do to avoid the impact on weather-sensitive health conditions?

If you’ve been following us, or if you suffer from a weather-sensitive health condition, you know some symptoms can be exacerbated by specific weather conditions. With conditions this extreme, the heat will cause discomfort for many. More fragile people, health-wise, may have greater difficulties and as they cannot adapt to this extreme heat.

This is the fifth heat wave in the northern hemisphere this summer. The northern hemisphere that has been overheating since the beginning of July and there is no rest on the horizon.

People with cardiac conditions, migraines, and asthmatics (air quality is often poorer in high heat), may all have important problems related to their chronic disease.

Why use BLISLY?


Blisly is a free application that, thanks to our algorithms developed over a year of research in 2016, allows you to anticipate certain symptoms. More specifically, you can plan your daily life better according to weather conditions. You can’t stop living, you have to live with it. It’s time to download this app, discover how it can help you, and use it wisely.

Why register and answer our questions?

This procedure allows you to compare your health state with principal weather factors in real time. You’ll discover the factor, or factors, that influence you the most. The security in place allows guaranteeing your anonymity. What you fill in stays at home.

We didn’t wait for new privacy rules. We adapt, in anticipation, to them as soon as the application was created. Like thousands who possibly like you, suffer from a weather-sensitive health-condition, register on the application, or via

Share this information with your friends, those you know might benefit from it. Above all, we wish for you to live better, without worry of oncoming weather conditions.

MeteoGlobale is constantly looking for new solutions to minimize the effect of extreme weather conditions, climate change both on individuals and for business. Help us help you by simply sharing our existence.

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