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The impact of climate change: something to be seen!

impact of climate change

A new interactive site designed by researchers at the University of Winnipeg. The Climate Atlas is a great tool for Canadians to visualize the impact of climate change on more than 2,000 cities and towns across the country.

Climate change: nebulous concept?

Climate change is more and more integrated into our day to day reality. Still, for many, this remains a concept we do not know what to do with it. This is why most initiatives to make these changes better understood must always be taken.

Here is an excellent idea developed by the University of Winnipeg’s Prairie Climate Center. A website showing the impact of climate change in the coming decades. We learn for example that in Winnipeg by 2050, the hottest days could reach 43.8°.

Several examples

Here is another example. Days over 30° in Montreal would occur 50 times a year. This would lead to a significant degradation of the air quality. More generally, we can see from the map of Canada that the largest urban centers will be the most affected. The effect (heat islands) will be stronger there. It will also cause secondary problems, such as pollution and the spread of certain diseases.

Today’s climate influences our daily lives. From the design of a city to how we live in it, climate change will impact security and of course on the prosperity of these urban centers.

We must act

This is why we must act on several fronts. Probably the most important trait in the coming decades will be the ability to adapt. If today, it is almost inevitable that average temperatures will increase by 2°, it is necessary to act now.

The time for discussion and reflection within committees is over. In the field of meteorology for example, which will be an extraordinary tool to help the authorities make good decisions, companies such as MeteoGlobale make tomorrow’s solutions available today. Solutions that must be supported by public authorities, understood by the private sector and used by all to succeed in the 21st century. This is the first and most important issue facing us today.

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