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Tracking storms for festivals

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Tracking storms for festivals? Is it possible? Meteorologist Jean-Charles Beaubois was following a stormy area on his radar screens in his mobile unit stationed on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, when he decided to go out to take a look at the movement of the clouds, a few minutes before the concert of the Cowboys Fringants, at the Summer Festival last July.

He didn’t like what he saw.

“The clouds were not going in the same direction. It was shearing. If it rubs, it flashes. I ran to production and said, “We’ll stop right now.”

Following the advice of Mr. Beaubois, FEQ leaders ordered the evacuation of all sites.

“Exactly thirty-five minutes later, bang!” remembers the meteorologist.

“That evening, there were 54 lightning strikes in the Plaines sector and 110 millimeters of rain fell in 2 hours 15 minutes,” he adds.

Jean-Charles Beaubois, president of MeteoGlobale is interviewed by Cédric Bélanger of the Journal de Québec for the article, published this August 30, 2023,  Météo: traquer les orages pour les festivals.

Indeed, this summer, we were at Canada Day in Ottawa, at the FEQ, at the Éclat de Charlevoix, at the Festif de Baie Saint-Paul, at the Francofête, at Osheaga, at the Juste pour Rire Festival, at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, at the Francofolies de Montréal and the Grande Franco-Fête in Quebec.

Read the full interview here.

Or, check out the Journal de Montréal version here.

Journal de Montréal, traquer les orages pour les festivalsJournal de Montréal, traquer les orages pour les festivals

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