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Uncertain weather: canceled festival shows and evacuations

spectacles annulés

The violent storm sweeping across Quebec towards the national capital forced the organizers of the Quebec Summer Festival to evacuate the site and canceled several festival shows scheduled for Thursday evening.

This decision was taken after the Robert Charlebois show and just before the Cowboys Fringants could go on stage.

“Forecasts indicate that conditions will deteriorate more quickly than expected,” organizers said in a tweet. Cancellation of outdoor shows as a precaution.”

TVA NouvellesTVA Nouvelles reported on it the day after the event, confirming that the evacuation had gone smoothly before the violent storm arrived.

MeteoGlobale has been supporting festivals and outdoor events here for 2 years now, with a mobile weather station, as well as an on-site meteorologist forecaster.

unité météorologique mobile, FEQ, météo spectacles

Here is our orange mobile unit (trailer on the right) with the weather station at the Quebec Summer Festival.

MétéoGlobale provided the organizers with evolving weather forecasts. This allowed them to evacuate the site in an orderly manner, before the storm arrived, thus avoiding worse inconveniences.

In the summer of 2023, we are (were and will be), at Canada Day in Ottawa, at the FEQ, at the Éclat de Charlevoix, at the Festif de Baie Saint-Paul, at the Francofête, at Osheaga, at the Festival Juste pour Rire, at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, as well as at the Francofolies de Montréal.

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