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Warning Danger! Health and climate change ahead!

changements climatiques climat change

Health is influenced, among other things, by climate change. According to the Lancet Countdown report, climate change has led to a loss of progress in health over the last 50 years…

Is our future so bleak? The Lancet Countown analyzes the actions taken globally to adapt to these changes. Still, according to this report, there is one positive point. Indeed, climate change has an influence on the entire planet. Therefore for the first time, the solutions that are available to us if we seek them out. Everyone can find their place and their answers.

But, as we do not live in a Care Bear universe, the road will still be very long before finding the answers to the big questions surrounding environmental issues. It is, therefore, necessary to synchronize our various organizations at the international level to draw a common roadmap. A first stepping stone was set this January 10, 2018, with the signing of an agreement between the UN-Environment and WHO (World Health Organisation).

The goal is to reduce the number of deaths due to pollution. As a reminder, every year, 12.6 million people lose their lives due to pollution on the planet.


Health is at the heart of our concerns as individuals. Adaptation is therefore essential for the coming decades. If the Paris Agreement were followed to the letter, climate change would still have an impact on health as well as in many other areas.

MeteoGlobale is fully committed to this adaptive approach in the daily life of the individual and the organization. Our goal for the coming decades and to be a facilitator for micro and macro environmental adaptation.

Follow us and let’s talk about bringing you viable, profitable and sustainable solutions.

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