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Weather forces festival show cancellations

unité météorologique mobile, FEQ,

(Quebec) The Cowboys Fringants were unable to perform on Thursday evening at the Quebec Summer Festival due to the threat of violent storms. The meteorological unit on-site advised that the weather forced festival show cancellations.

La PresseLa Presse published the article “La météo force l’annulation de tous les spectacles” on July 13, prepared by La Presse Canadienne.

“Festival-goers were warned to leave the premises as the popular group was preparing to present its “carte blanche” show on the Plains of Abraham, around 7 p.m. The Cowboys Fringants even attempted an a cappella song, before being cut off by the evacuation message.”

MétéoGlobale has been supporting festivals and outdoor events here for 2 years now, with a mobile weather station, as well as an on-site meteorologist forecaster.

unité météorologique mobile, FEQ, météo spectacles

Here is our orange mobile unit (trailer on the right) with the weather station at the Quebec Summer Festival.

MétéoGlobale provided the organizers with evolving weather forecasts. This allowed them to evacuate the site in an orderly manner, before the storm arrived, thus avoiding worse inconveniences.

In the summer of 2023, we are (were and will be), at Canada Day in Ottawa, at the FEQ, at the Éclat de Charlevoix, at the Festif de Baie Saint-Paul, at the Francofête, at Osheaga, at the Festival Juste pour Rire, at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, as well as at the Francofolies de Montréal.

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