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What is the difference between cumulus and cumulonimbus?

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What is the difference between cumulus and cumulonimbus? Cumulus, fair weather clouds. Cumulus clouds are distinguished by their cauliflower shape.

Cumulus clouds are dense and their contours are well-defined. They form after a depression when the atmosphere is cold and the sun comes to warm the ground. Cumulus clouds often appear in the morning and disappear in the evening.

If conditions are unstable, cumulus clouds can turn into cumulonimbus clouds.

Cumulonimbus clouds are powerful and develop vertically. The base is often dark due to the density of the water droplets that make it up. The upper part is bright white. Cumulonimbus is synonymous with heavy rain, snow, wind, and/or thunderstorms. And, in extreme cases, tornadoes.

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