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Winter is upon us

Meteo Routes winter viability by MeteoGlobale

Meteo Routes winter viability by MeteoGlobaleWinter is fast approaching and if you have not already settled on a weather solution for winter viability, you should consider our Meteo Routes solution.

Meteo Routes is the tool you need to anticipate problematic winter weather events. It is a dashboard by which you will access atmospheric weather forecasts, as well as road surface temperature forecasts. Further, these are available for each of the roads on your territory.

How are we different?

Several features and aspects allow us to stand out from our other weather forecasting companies.

First, our weather forecasts are 95% accurate, always. They have been since the 2015-2016 winter. This accuracy applies to all-weather reporting points.

Secondly, we offer weather forecasting for atmospheric conditions, as well as for road surface conditions. We know how these two can differ widely during our Canadian winters!

Thirdly, we prescribe for you what type of treatment materials to prioritize depending on the route segment, across your territory. This translates into important material savings!

Finally, our platform is adaptable to all your needs. Whether you need regular or mobile access, or maybe on a large control center screen, we adapt. Whether you want to integrate the tracking of your vehicles by GPS, or road surveillance cameras, we’ll integrate them into your dashboard.

Is there another data point you need integrating in your dashboard? There is no challenge we will not meet!

Ask for a demo for your city! The proof is in the pudding.

About MeteoGlobale

MétéoGlobale offers professional and accurate weather solutions for businesses and the public sector. Not only accurate weather forecast, but also a calculation for solutions for winter viability, agriculture, construction, marketing, and more.

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