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Outdoor film shoot + events and the weather

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Are your shoots or outdoor events affected by the weather? Obviously, they are!

Bad conditions affect your costs directly:

  • Paying people to wait around for the right conditions.
  • Rental of equipment and location when conditions render them useless.
  • Insurance.

Our solution for you:

95% accurate forecasts. Regional and local forecasts. Updated several times a day as needed.

Permanent telephone support for decision-making assistance.

The possibility of a meteorologist on location (extra charge).

The benefits are clear

Imagine this, on the day of shooting, rain is announced. You need three hours of dry weather. We’ll guide you to find those three hours. No postponement or cost overruns.

You’re planning an outdoor shoot, and you need the sunniest day? We’ll help you identify it. The best day without loss of time or money.

Good forecasts allow you to reduce cost overruns.

For your events: Even light rain and wind can spoil a show, unless you have access to our forecasts, allowing you to orient your podium accordingly.

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Our Clients:

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